Thursday, August 25, 2011


I am writing about people's strange behaviour towards investment.

What do you see above? Gold price falls. This is great isn't it? What does it mean? It means that you can buy some more to add to your investment. Buy low sell high. For gold business owners, they will start to stock up their gold stock.

Why is individuals not buying? There are many reasons among them:
  1. they does not know where to buy
  2. they does not know the return of gold investment
  3. they are afraid being cheated
  4. they are skeptical whether they can sell off the gold bar easily
  5. they are low risk takers, they prefer keeping their money at the banks
  6. they do not have money to buy
  7. they do not know where to keep their money
  8. they need guidance
  9. they cannot decide
  10. they are overloaded with information
Do you have these questions linger in your mind? Have you address them? Have you found the answer? It is actually worth to find the answer as the return of investment for gold is high compared to other avenues. Take Action, don't talk only.

This evening price is lower compared to this morning.

The price is updated ever 20 minutes. So, if you see a good price, good if you grab them now. In commodities like gold, there is no written rule eg price should go up due to this this & this, price should come down due to this this and this. We are just a small player in the playing field, just follow the flow. The price comes down, you buy. When it goes up you sell.

Do you know that Public Gold can offer you to sell online? That is indeed a very good solution to investors. 24-hours flexibilities is what we all need to take control of our money.

Enough talking... Now the action time!

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