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Saya terjumpa blog Saudara Juraish Kamaruddin yang menarik minat saya untuk dikongsikan bersama sahabat-sahabat yang membaca blog saya.

Isi kandungan blognya bertajuk "Wang Syubhah : Dividen ASB RM35,000 Diserahkan kepada Baitulmal Untuk Manafaat Semua"

Sungguh tinggi kefahaman anakguam Juraish sehingga sanggup melepaskan RM35,000 kepada Baitulmal. Semoga kita semua sentiasa mempunyai kesedaran yang tinggi tentang perkara-perkara syubhah serta bersedia meninggalkannya.

Jadi, di manakah pelaburan yang tidak syubhah?

Antaranya, ialah pelaburan jongkong emas 'gold bar' & dinar serta jongkong perak. Di sini, anda membeli barang (jongkong emas & perak serta dinar). Keuntungan boleh didapati bila emas & perak ini dijualkan semula.

Sila perhatikan artikel terdahulu :-

  1. Pelaburan emas disebut di dalam majalah Personal Money Isu bulan Disember 2010 (English)

  2. Bagaimana untuk membeli emas? (English)

  3. Kelebihan Membeli Emas Public Gold

  4. Pelaburan Perak (English)

  5. Sheikh Imran Hossein : Islam & Sistem Kewangan Global (English)

  6. Pengumuman Dividen ASB (English)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


What I am writing now is actually one of the many info I received in a seminar I attended recently, "Kebangkitan Dinar Emas Dalam Muamalah Ummah" organised by Al Qafilah International & 'Persatuan Ulama' Malaysia'

Clarification by En Jamal :

In 1971, gold price was RM84/oz.
Say that, a person, already working in 1971, received monthly salary of RM840.
This is equivalent to earning 10 oz of gold.

Now, in 2010, with salary increment, adjustment etc, he is earning at salary of say, RM16,800 per month.
In 2010, gold price is RM4,200/oz.

Do you know how much he is earning in gold now?
Any idea?

He is only earning 4 oz of gold in 2010. (Calculation : RM16,800/RM4,200/oz = 4oz)


Don't you feel cheated?
In 1971, you were earning 10oz of gold.
In 2010, you are only earning 4 oz of gold.

You are being robbed!!!

Convert your money into gold as not to reduce its value.

Click here to know how to buy physical gold.


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To buy, find Dina Talib in Facebook. Sending private messages are preferred. You can find my hp in the Authorised Dealers' section or 0129440533. Please SMS me for information.

To become agent, please contact me. Minimum amount of investment is RM20,000 only and you get your purchases in gold bars/dinar/silver bar/jewelleries worth RM20,000..



The Public Gold's gold is priced at the daily gold market rate. The price is quoted daily and pegged to the international gold price to facilitate buying and selling. The prices can be found at the right hand side of this blog.

The Public Gold can be purchased individually or as a set. Easy to buy, sell and store, Public Gold Gold Bullion Bar can be purchased at 20 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram and 1 kilogram while Public Gold Gold Coin can be purchased at 50 gram. Gold Dinars are sold in the form of 1 Dinar, 5 Dinar, 10 Dinar.

The weight and purity of Public Gold coins/Dinars are precisely controlled and standardised by an internationally recognised refiner and mint, allowing you to buy with confidence and sell with ease.

Other products

When is the right time to buy?

Is now the right time to buy? The answer is always YES! Physical gold is an investment for the long run. At least for the medium term, 2 - 5 years. The right time to buy gold bar and dinar is when you understand what it is and what it can do for your portfolio.

Public Gold, an alternative form of investment

Thinking about investing? Stock Market? A house or property? Gold? Yes, gold offers secure value and is easy to invest.

Gold acts as a reliable “store of value” because it fulfils the functions of money. It is portable and divisible. Its weight is a good measurement of a unit of value. It is indestructible, relatively scarce and cannot be “manufactured”. It is easily recognisable and acceptable as a form of payment.

Historically, the value of national currencies rises and falls but the value of gold remains, remarkably stable. Gold is an asset that does not depend upon governments or corporations promise to repay. It is not directly affected by the policies in any country and it cannot be repudiated or frozen, as in the case of assets.

Key Benefits
  • To earn potentially higher return from appreciation in gold price.
  • Small difference between selling and buying prices.
  • Affordable initial purchase and subsequent investment.
  • Gold is the best possible hedge against inflation.
  • Alternative investment avenue to build up personal gold portfolio which is cheaper compared to invest in gold jewellery as the latter will incur additional cost on workmanship.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hi! Today, ASB dividend is announced at 7.5 cents with bonus of 1.25 cents. Please find the announcement here.

I was looking at gold prices for the past one year and I come out with this.

That looks better, ain't it? 28% in one year. Now, you have an alternative of investment. The PHYSICAL GOLD INVESTMENT!

Click here to know How To Invest in Physical Gold.

Just for the record on previous ASB dividend. I have found this in Based on Farawahida’s finding, the fund has performed well with minimum return of 8.55% (2006) and the highest return of 13.50% (1993-1995).

  • 1993: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*
  • 1994: Dividend=9.00, Bonus=4.50*
  • 1995: Dividend=10.0, Bonus=3.00*
  • 1996: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=3.00*
  • 1997: Dividend=10.25, Bonus=1.25*
  • 1998: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=2.50*
  • 1999: Dividend=10.5, Bonus=1.50*
  • 2000: Dividend=9.75, Bonus=2.00*
  • 2001: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=3.00*
  • 2002: Dividend=7.00, Bonus=2.00**
  • 2003: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**
  • 2004: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=2.00**
  • 2005: Dividend=7.25, Bonus=1.75**
  • 2006: Dividend=7.30, Bonus=1.25**
  • 2007: Dividend=8.00, Bonus=1.00**

Source: PNB Prospectus** & the Internet*

My collection of images on Gold and Silver

Saturday, December 18, 2010


  1. Solar Energy
  2. Water Purification
  3. Medical (nano-tech)
  4. Photography
  5. Electronic

Breakdown of industrial demand by product, via
  • Cell phones used 404.35 tonnes of silver;
  • Computers consumed 684.29 tonnes;
  • Thick film PV consumed 1,461.90 tonnes;
  • Automobiles which used 1,119.75 tonnes;
  • Electrical and electronics demand for silver reached an all-time high of 7,555.21 tonnes;
  • Solar power demand in 2011 is expected to reach 2,177.29 tonnes, up 40% from 2010;
  • RFID tags in 2010 reached between 31 and 62 tonnes with a long way to go before reaching full market;
  • Water purification used 62 tonnes, and is set to grow to 74.65 tonnes;
  • Medical applications may grow strongly to reach 93.3 tonnes by 2015;
  • The use of nano-silver in goods packaging and hygiene combined would consume 124.4 tonnes of silver over the next five years.

The first three usage will Quadruple in the next 10 years.
  • World Siver demand in 2008 - Industrial applications (53.7%), Jewelry (19.0%), Photography (12.6%), Coins & Medals (7.8%) and Silverware (6.9%)
  • Global Silver Physical Stock available is only 30,000 tons (equivalent to 1/5 of gold physical stock) SILVER STOCK IS EXPECTED TO BE DEPLETED WITHIN 8 YEARS!!

  1. Industrial Demand + Investment Demand -> Acute shortage of Silver
  2. Value of Silver increases faster than other precious metals (An increase of 280% in 8 years)
  3. Provide highest return on investment
  4. Minimal risk - silver as a tangible assets & not worthless
  5. More stable than the daily fluctuations of stock market
  6. Symbol of power & monetary coinage (as a preserve of currency)
  7. To hedge hyper inflation

  1. Ireland
  2. Vietnam
  3. North Korea
  4. Zimbabwe
  5. Germany - in 1923

  • Paper money are 'manmade'. It can be created by simply running a printing pressor just with a stroke of a computer keyboard!
  • This will lead to abuse and misuse. The government simply can print more money and this will make its value slowly become less valuable. That is why it is not wise to store your wealth in the form of paper money. You are getting poorer!
  • We called it hyperinflation.

  1. Jim Rogers
  2. Warren Buffett
  3. Bill Gates
  4. John Paulson
  5. Marc Faber
  6. Mark Mobius
  7. Paul Tudor Jones

  • Public Fine Gold International Sdn Bhd (Public Gold)sells silver bars.

  • I am Authorised Dealer for Public Gold (Dina Talib A0882)

  • To buy, you can PM me at Facebook and together we can lock the silver price. Otherwise, you can email me at
  • Please be reminded that investment for silver is medium to long term investment. Timeline is at least 5 years.

Additional article by Wealth Daily on silver updated on 9th March, 2011Original source

Gold has received all the accolades and nearly all the ink ever since. Most "hard money" advocates will talk about gold as money for hours, as if it were religion. Lowly silver gets little or no time at all...

But don’t shy away from silver. Gold always moves first in a precious metals bull market because it is seen more as money, yet silver posts better percentage returns nearly every time there is a sustained rally in gold. So why do people still ignore silver, especially as it is priced so reasonably compared to gold right now?

There are five reasons that I see:

■ The 1873 demonetization of silver occurred roughly 100 years prior to the official end of the gold standard. Investors have short memories. So when they think of metal-backed currency, they think of the modern era’s more recent experiences with gold, despite silver’s richer monetary history.

■ Silver is known as an industrial metal, while gold is considered an alternative to currency, an inflation hedge, and a legitimate investment tool even by those not necessarily in the "hard money" camp. Yet silver functions often as a better inflation hedge alternative currency as well, even though few investors believe it.

■ Even though there is far more silver on earth than gold, the silver market is much smaller than the gold market. This makes transactions much more visible and the market more susceptible to large fluctuations. (Note: There is approximately 17.5 times more silver than gold in the world; coincidently, this is very close to the 16 to 1 monetary ratio of silver to gold that existed for thousands of years.)

■ The discovery of the great Comstock Lode in 1859 caused the great decline in silver as a monetary metal. The supply of silver gushing out of Nevada simply overwhelmed its monetary usefulness with the result that silver became viewed as an unreliable standard for paper currency.

■ As industrial economies of the world grew and photography was invented, a growing demand for silver began emerging for uses in these new areas. This industrial demand conflicted with silver’s monetary demand, which also caused volatility to silver’s purchasing power.

Why not buy silver now?

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Petikan :
Dr Mahathir berkata satu ketika dahulu, satu auns emas bernilai RM109.79 tetapi kini satu auns emas bernilai kira-kira RM4,390.40.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Tonight, the price just drops as the chart shows. Happy accumulating all. To buy message me at Facebook /

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Tulisan di bawah diterbitkan di blog Ustaz Othman Hamzah, Mantan Imam Besar Masjid Negeri Selangor.

Untuk bacaan bersama.

Menghadiri Seminar “Emas dan dinar sebagai pelindung kekayaan semalam dapat memberi ilmu dan semangat baru kepada para pendokong Emas dan Perak . Beberapa perkara yang menjadi tumpuan seminar:

1- Fiat money adalah sistem kewangan dunia yang tidak ada sandarannya. Sesebuah Negara boleh mencetak wang sesuka hatinya. Secara jangka panjang ini akan membawa kepada hyperinflasi. Siapakah yang boleh menghalang pencetakan ini.

2- Walaupun sistem fiat money yang dimulakan oleh Amerika dan kekuatannya telah menjunam, tetapi kelemahan dan jiwa hamba negara-negara lain menyebabkan mereka tidak boleh memisahkan diri dari sistem fiat money ini.

3- Sistem Bank merangkumi juga amalan diperbankan Islam akan meneruskan sistem Riba yang diharamkan Allah juga merupakan pengumuman berperang dengan Allah. Pinjam seratus bayar dua ratus tidakkah riba nasiah (riba kerana bertangguh).

4- Sistem ini adalah satu penipuan yang dilakukan kepada rakyat. Rakyat menyimpan satu jumlah tertentu. Bank atau Negara mencetak sepuluh kali ganda dari jumlah tersebut.

5- Meng”Islamkan” satu sistem yang orientasinya tidak islamik hanyalah penjenamaan istilah sahaja, analoginya seperti “Khinzir” yang cuba dihalalkan dengan sembelihan Syar’ie atau seperti mengislamikkan beer dan sebagainya.

6- Sistem Islami mestilah diamalkan menolak sistem-sistem yang diwujudkan ini. Ia bukan sistem baru. Tapi sistem Islam yang asal.

7- Penggunaan Dinar Emas dan Dirham Perak adalah sistem kewangan sejak zaman Rasul s.a.w. Ia sistem Sunni. Penggunaannya dalam muamalah seharian , sewaaan, gadaian, pinjaman bebas dari unsur Riba.

8- Sebagai perbandingan seseorang yang meminjam RM 1,000 . Dalam sistem wang kertas membayarnya RM seratus sebulan selama sepuluh kali, dirasakan merugikan pemberi pinjam. Ini kerana wang kertas susut nilai. Sebaliknya seseorang yang meminjam RM 10 dinar.

Peminjam membayarnya satu dinar- satu dinar sepuluh kali, pemberi pinjam tidak akan merasa kerugian kerana emas semakin lambat dibayar nilainya bertambah.

9- Oleh itu, memiliki Dinar dan dirham bukan sekadar untuk disimpan, tetapi dialirkan dalam muamalah seharian seperti : dalam jual beli, sewa menyewa, pinjaman dan gadaian.

10- Sebagai momentum perubahan saya menyeru premis-premis perniagaan menerima Dinar dan Dirham dalam perniagaan mereka.

Sebagai contoh barangan yang berjumalah RM 40.00 boleh dibayar dengan 2 Dirham, barangan yang bernilai seratus boleh dibayar dengan harga 5 Dirham, barangan yang bernilai RM 200 bolehlah dibayar dengan 10 Dirham dan seterusnya mengikut nilai dirham harian. Begitu jugalah dalam pengamalan dinar.

11. Para peniaga boleh merujuk (Islamic dan memaparkan harga dinar dan dirham secara harian kerana nilai dinar dan dirham berubah setiap 12 tengah malam.

Harga Dinar dan Dirham Kelantan untuk 5 Dis adalah seperti berikut:

Kelantan Dinar & Dirham

1/2 Dinar :: RM 336.5
1 Dinar :: RM 673
2 Dinar :: RM 1 346
5 Dinar :: RM 3 365
8 Dinar :: RM 5 384

1 Dirham :: RM 20
2 Dirham :: RM 40
5 Dirham :: RM 100
10 Dirham :: RM 200
20 Dirham :: RM 400

Sementara harga Dinar Public Gold berubah setiap 20 minit sekali, maka hendaklah dirujuk setiap kali melakukan muamalah dengannya. Sebagai contoh ketika post ini ditulis seperti berikut:

Dinar We Sell We Buy

1 dinar RM 666.00 RM 626.00
5 dinar RM 3313.00 RM 3131.00
10 dinar RM 6597.00 RM 6267.00

12- Sebagai permulaan saya menyeru setiap rumah sekurang-kurangnya memiliki 1 Dinar dan Dirham yang bernilai sepuluh dirham. Kemudian gunakanlah ia dalam muamalat harian.

12- Perjuangan mengajak kepada penggunaan Dinar dan Perak adalah juga perjuangan menobatkan Syariat, seterusnya menghancurkan sistem kapitalis yang zalim.

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If you have not bought Personal Money for December 2010 Issue, do buy it. The ideas for 'What you can do if you have RM20k now?' are very good. Besides reducing your debts as what commonly being mentioned, Personal Money is also suggesting to buy more assets that will generate income.

The one that I especially like is 'GOLD INVESTMENT'. Turn to page 69 and you will see that Public Fine Gold International Sdn Bhd (ie Public Gold or PG in short) is one of the avenues to buy gold. By the way, I guess it really catches my eyes because I am one of the Authorised Dealers for Public Gold (A0882). It is indeed a good move for me to venture into this investment. I was searching to buy physical gold early this year. A few times attempted to buy Kijang Emas as well. Thanks to a cousin of mine, Wan Alimi, he asked me to seek Public Gold. I bought twice with other Dealers before I decided to be a Dealer.

I am now better informed on Gold Investment especially dealing with physical gold. The convenience of buying and selling as well as the transparent of the operation attracts me to invest. Do follow my updates in this blog or my facebook on 'Koleksi Emas dan Perak'.

I have written a note in Facebook on 'The Advantages of Purchasing Public Gold's Gold'. The notes is in Malay language though. Feel free to read them.

If you have any queries on physical Gold Investment, do email me at I will reply you as soon as I can.



Points from the article :

  1. Gold ownership was banned in China from 1945 until 2003
  2. In 2009, the Chinese government issues permits to import gold into the country
  3. All the banks are now allowed to distribute gold and slowly
  4. China's development began with the export of cheap parts sub-contracted out of the developed world, then moved onto exports of their own. With this development comes a new middle class of hard working people saving up to 40 % of their income in the banks.
  5. The government has realized that China, as a whole, will benefit from its citizens Buying Gold and owning it, as well as the central bank, the People's Bank of China. Hence, they are actively encouraging the Chinese people to Buy Gold, as are the banks.
  6. The China government published two years ago that the People's Bank of China had added 400 tonnes to its reserves.
  7. China is the world's No.1 Gold Mining producer
  8. They buy local gold production from local producers ‘off' market, acquiring domestic Gold Mining output without alerting the international bullion market to the purchases.

Original source

via Public Gold

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Rich Dad" Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Silver and his Apartment Complexes i...

Points :
  1. Do not work for debt. Learn how to use the debt.
  2. Middle class people hoard cash because they are not financially educated. They work, save money, put the money in Wall Street.
  3. Robert's savings (IRA) are full of gold & silver. He does not invest in stocks/ bonds.
  4. He borrows money from banks. He does not save money in the banks.
  5. Don't wait until gold has pass USD2000/oz before you come in. (Currently, it lingers around USD1380/oz to USD 1420/oz. The highest gold price is USD1426/oz)
  6. He is into Small Cap IPO which he knows. But he does not recommend this to everyone.
  7. Recommend people to get financial education first
  8. Robert does not sell his gold/silver/real estate coz' he is an investor, not trader.
  9. Robert hold cash in gold & silver. If he has excess money, he changes it into gold & silver.
  10. Best ride is silver.
  11. Silver is very rare now, used in water purification, cellphones, computers, hi-tech, used a lot in industrial age. Silver is being consumed while gold is being hoarded. If we need silver, he wants to buy silver (physical).
  12. Middle class will be wipe out by tax & inflation. Either way, you get hit.
  13. Non-recourse financing


  1. Stok sentiasa ada. Ini merupakan satu kelebihan yang sangat baik kerana pelabur boleh membeli emas ketika harga murah. Tidak seperti sesetengah syarikat/perbankan yang lainHarga yang dijual adalah kompetitif; mengikut harga semasa, berubah dalam jangkamasa 20 minit
  2. Harga yang dijual adalah kompetitif. Ia mengikut harga pasaran emas semasa. Harga berubah setiap 20 minit.

  3. Jongkong emas yang dijual mempunyai kualiti 24k (999.0)

  4. Spread yang kecil (antara 5% - 6%)

  5. Mempunyai agen di seluruh Malaysia. Jadi mudah untuk membeli produk Public Gold.

  6. Public Gold memberi jaminan akan membeli kembali emas mereka walaupun ada kesan calar, guris, bengkok dan patah asalkan berat tetap sama semasa timbangan. Ini sangat penting jika anda selalu menggadaikan emas anda di Ar-rahn.

  7. Public Gold menawarkan peluang menjadi agen kepada produk mereka. Jadi bagi sesiapa yang berminat membuat business menjual emas pelaburan maka anda boleh menjadi agen Public Gold

  8. Emas Public Gold boleh digadaikan. Terbukti dengan gadaian di Agro Bank

  9. Boleh beli menggunakan kad kredit (tambah 3%)


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dead Cat Bounce - Get Out Of Stocks - Mike ...

Original source

Gold prices expected to go on increasing for next one year


PETALING JAYA: Gold prices are expected to scale higher at least over the next one year before the gains are capped, given the economic uncertainties in advanced nations and the volatile US dollar, analysts said.

Gold is the beneficiary of all that instability in the markets right now, Scott Meyers, senior trading analyst with Pioneer Futures division of MF Global, told Dow Jones.

Goldman Sachs, in a recent research report, reiterated its forecast for the yellow metal to rise to US$1,690 an ounce over the next one year but said the gains would peak at US$1,750 an ounce in 2012 on expectations of strong US economic growth and hence a firmer greenback.

As we look toward 2012, we find it timely to reiterate our view that at current price levels gold remains a compelling trade, but not a long-term investment, the investment bank told its clients.

At press time yesterday, spot gold rose to settle at US$1,412.45 an ounce.

Investors switched their focus to buying gold last Friday, playing on its safe bet status after the US dollar, also another safe haven option, demonstrated its volatility falling steeply on disappointing job and economic data in the United States.

Spot gold broke past US$1,400 an ounce on Friday the first time since Nov 9 after data showed US jobless rate unexpectedly hit a seven-month high.

The dollar fell to a six-week low against major currencies the same day, reversing its recent rally trend.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben S. Bernanke said yesterday the central bank could buy more bonds to boost economic growth, which in turn means more liquidity in the markets to step up purchases of assets such as gold.

While a return to recession doesn't seem likely, Bernanke warned that US employment may take up to five years to fall to normal levels of 5% to 6% from its current 9.8%.

This recovery is feeble at best, and the trends that are in place, especially in the metals complex are going to be maintained, Pioneer Futures' Meyers said.

China, whose imports of gold increased close to five times in the first 10 months of this year versus 2009, will also help lift prices in the coming months on increasing demand, analysts who cover the bullion said.

China is reportedly the world's biggest bullion miner.

The current environment for gold was such a bullish one right now, Michael Widmer, an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

Widmer expects prices to reach US$1,500 an ounce next year.

Gold, which is up 29% year-to-date, is not the only metal which has enjoyed a sterling performance this year.

Silver has advanced 76%, while platinum is up about 13%.

Analysts have pointed out the rising concerns of inflationary pressure given the strong rise in the prices of these core metals.