Friday, August 5, 2011


The prediction from Wealth Daily is $1950/oz. Is it still worth to buy?

What is the price now?

At the point of typing this article, this is the price. (Most updated prices is shown on the right hand side of this blog.)

Can New Investor still gain?

Should the prediction is right and you will be buying gold at around USD1657.60/oz (if you buy now, that is), you will gain USD292.40/oz. How much gain is that?

The gain is 17.6% within 5 months.

How much is the gain per annum? Can you annualised it?

The gain / return is 17.6% / 5 months * 12 months = 42% per annum. That will be very very good indeed. Don't you agree?

An except from Wealth Daily article :

Appetite for Diversification

It's really no surprise banks are buying gold like it's going out of style.

After South Korea bought 25 tons of the metal for the first time in 13 years, just to diversify from the dollar, it's likely other central banks in that region will follow.

Buying gold not only helps countries protect their wealth; it's the best way for them to prepare for a gold mania that could make the 1970s look like “child's play,” says Franco-Nevada Chairman Pierre Lassonde.

In 1980, the only players, or the dominant players, were the Americans. Today the dominant players are China and India; 58% of all the gold sold this year will be sold in these two countries. When we reach that mania phase… it will truly make your head spin.”

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