Friday, August 5, 2011


Promotion period : 1st August 2011 until 31st October 2011 (3 months promotion)
Description :

1. This promotion is a reward for customers or dealers who purchases Public Silver bars ONLY.
2. A RM100 cash voucher will be rewarded for every purchase of 1kg silver bars (may be a mixture from 250gm, 500gm, or 1kg) in a single invoice
3. Reward is for first 500kg sold during the 3 months promotion period; while stock lasts basis.

Promotion Terms & conditions:
1. This promotion is open for all customers, dealers and master dealers.
2. This promotion is only valid for orders made during the above mentioned promotion period
3. This promotion is NOT valid for purchases made through Easy Payment Purchases (EPP).
4. RM100 cash voucher(s) will only be given during stock collection after the payment is made clear.
5. Customers are eligible to purchase RM20, 000 of silver to join as Dealers (1%) or RM100, 000 to join as Priority Dealers (1.5%) through this promotion and enjoy the reward of RM100 cash voucher(s).
6. Promotion may end early as this promotion is for the first 500kg of silver sold; while stock last basis.

Cash Voucher Terms & conditions:
1. RM100 cash voucher(s) rewarded through this promotion period is not valid to be use for the same order; voucher(s) are only valid for next purchase use or topping up for other EPP payments.
2. More than 1 RM100 cash vouchers can be used for 1 single order.

Ramadhan + Merdeka celebration Bonus!!! Double Counting Points for Perth and Cape Town!!!

Every ringgit spent during August 2011 on purchasing Public Silver bars (ONLY) will be given a double (PGLS) points to challenge for 2010 Sales Incentive Program (SIP) Leadership Seminar to Perth, Australia & also the 2011 Sales Incentive Program to Cape Town, South Africa.

Example: 1kg Public Silver Bar = RM6000, total points given would be RM12, 000 to challenge for both 2010 & 2011 SIP.

Public Gold’s management holds the right to make the final decision if in case any dispute or disagreement occurs.

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  1. It's a good idea to have a promotion like this. Your customers really deserve a treat.

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