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There are many reasons why physical gold is one of the best avenues to invest. One of the reasons is that "The Gold Price will always Increase in the Long Run". Another reason is that "the Value of Money will always Drop in the Long Run".


The gold price continuously rises in the long run. To prove it, we shall look at the 10-years graph as well as the 5-years graph of the Gold Price published at

From the graph, we can see that the highest price recorded within 10 years was USD1423.70/oz, whilst the lowest price was USD255.30/oz. This is an increase of 557.7% or 55.8% per year. So, if you already bought gold 10 years ago, your gold (asset) is worth 5 times more now. Good, eh?

Let's look at 5-years chart.

From the graph, it shows that since 5 years ago, the gold price has increased from USD538.80/oz to USD1423.70/oz. This is an increase of 264.2% or 52.8% per year.

Here, we can ask ourselves about our current investment. Are our current investments giving us the return that we want? Is our money working hard for us or are we working hard for the money? If you want your money to work hard for you, physical gold nvestment is the answer.

Let's take Kijang Emas as an illustration. Kijang Emas is the Malaysian gold coin produced by Royal Mint of Malaysia and circulated by Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank).

Between July until December, 2001, the lowest price for 1 Troy ounce of Kijang Emas was at RM1,069. The highest price in 2010 was in 6th December, 2010 which was at RM4,686. This is an increase of 438% in 10 years' time. Thus, you can see that investing in Physical Gold will indeed gives a high return (43.8% per year for Kijang Emas's track record)
Source : Bank Negara Malaysia

So, are you convinced that gold investment is a good choice of investment? How to buy should be you next question.

The other reason of why you should invest in Physical Gold is as follows:-


If gold value rises in the long run, the contrast is happening with money, our paper money. In the long run, the value of paper money deteriorates. The purchasing power in the last 10 years is not the same as it is now.

The value of paper money deteriorates due to inflation.

For example, when I was in the primary school in the 70's (gosh, now have revealed my age!), I was given 20 sen to school to buy my 'mee siput' and glass of syrup.

Now, in year 2011, if I give my children 20 sen, what can they buy? They are lucky if it can buy a sweet.

Now, parents give at least RM3 daily for their children. This means that nowadays, parents has to pay more than 10 times to purchase the same thing we had 40 years ago. This clearly shows the deterioration of purchasing power of paper money in the long run.

Now, you are given a choice.

  1. to keep your money in normal savings, you name them... FD, Current Account, ASB, Unit Trust, REPO, etc OR

  2. invest your money in physical gold

I believe, that you will be making wise decision on your investment. Do ask if you need more info.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


You do what you know best. That is the main thing we should remember. However, we should not stop from continuous learning as it improves your kowledge and enhance your understanding of a certain topic. Money management is very important. The Malays especially, are generally weak on this topic. However small your savings are, you must know when to save, where to save, how to manage your money, how to read financial statements, the definition of some financial jargon and many more. It is also important to make wasiat on your assets before you pass on.

I have a few reasons of my own why I choose physical gold investment compared to property investment and any other types of investment.

  1. It is convenient to buy physical gold
  2. Physical gold is very liquid
  3. I can choose not to do anything after I buy gold
  4. The Retun on Investment for gold is high
  5. I can do my own small business with physical gold
  6. I know what to do if I need more money
  7. I can enhance my knowledge on physical gold at ZERO cost
  8. It is a safe investment

1. It is very convenient to buy physical gold

I buy gold bars & dinars from Public Gold. Why I say it is convenient?
Because 1. I can choose to buy them at any time of the day or even night. Public Gold publishes its prices in their website and I can see the gold price at any point of time to buy or even to sell. Besides Public Gold website, you can easily see the prices of all products sold by Public Gold at the right-hand side of this blog. The price changes every 20 minutes to reflect live gold price.

If you have some knowledge on technical analysis, it will be better for you as you have an advantage to knowing to forecast the gold price.

With property, I know how much one property will cost me. But I do not know the price of the property in future. Even if I revalue the property (it costs me to do one), buyers will normally ask for discounts from the revaluaed amount. Unless, the property is in a very very HOT location. Thus, the property price is very subjective and depends on many factors.

Besides, the no 2. reason, I can collect the gold from Public Gold, Sunway branch conveniently. I stayed in Shah Alam, very close indeed. Public Gold offices are now everywhere, Penang, of course, Ipoh, Kota Bahru, Johor Bahru, Sarawak.

2. Physical gold is very liquid

I know where to buy, very important. And I know where to sell. That's even more
important. Public Gold Dealers are always willing to buy your gold. Just call one and ask. I can also go to Public Gold office to sell gold bars or dinars. If today, I bring the gold, by tomorrow, the money will be banked in the account. Easy, eh! Can I do that with property? Nope! I will be lucky if I can find buyer within 3 months after I advertise. That is, selling at MY price. Not discounted price.

Physical gold is known globally, anyway. Gold is one of the wanted precious metal (by the ones who know ~ bak kata pepatah 'Hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam').
Just waive the gold to those who are keen and they will offer you to buy.

3. I can choose not to do anything after I buy physical gold

If I want, I can just keep my gold in the safe deposit (after I hold & admire them in
my palm)
and leave it there . The price of gold will definitely goes up medium to long term.

I cannot do that with property. If my aim is to gain monthly income from the property, I have to find tenants for it. I have to deal with the tenants' issue, late rental payment, attending their complaints on the house, maintenance cost, unpaid utility bills, tenants dissappearing in the midnight etc etc. There is so much work to buy property and yet more work when you own one.


Return on investment for gold within one year 2009/2010 is high, reaching 28%. Average 10 years return on investment of gold is 371% or 37% per annum. You can sight for historical prices for gold and other metal.

With property, you may get higher return but there is a high chance you get negative cash flows from the property too. What is negative cash flow? Negative cash flow on property happens when the monthly instalment amount you are paying the bank is higher than the net rental income you receive. Have you experience this? If you invest in apertments and condominium, do not forget that you have to pay maintenance fees.

I have wrote earlier on comparison Return on Investment of physical gold with Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB). Feel free to look up for the article. A good reading indeed.

  1. ASB Dividend Announcement

  2. Dividen ASB RM35,000 diserahkan kepada BaitulMal

5. I can do my own small business with physical gold

Because of its transparency, I can easily tell my friends about physical gold investment. Basically you can find a lot of info in Public Gold Website. The company, its directors, the mission & vision, the achievements, the products they are selling, the live gold prices, online ordering and many others. You can gain a lot of knowledge going to various talks organised by Public Gold as well as looking up for the published articles fom various counterparts in Public Gold website.

Besides, with Public Gold, I can start the gold business with only RM20,000 and I get my own physical gold from it. Do you know the benefits of becoming Public Gold Dealers? No? Why didn't you ask?

As for properties, if you use RM20,000 as deposit for a purchase, you can get a property of around RM200,000 in value. Where can you find a decent residence of RM200,000 in Klang Valley? Nowadays government has imposed ceiling for property financing at only 70%. If RM20,000 is your deposit of 30%, you can only get a property valuing around RM70,000. What type of property you think you can get valued at RM70,000? Where will it be? How much do you think you need as deposit if you want to buy RM300,000 property value? RM90,000. Wow! Having spent so much, the return is also not guaranteed.

6. I know what to do if I need more money

You have to learn up ArRahnu techniques to know. Don't worry, the process is easy. Bring your gold to ArRahnu Agro Bank and in less than 2 hours, you can get 70% out of your gold.

If you have only properties in investment, you can also get financing from it. If you mortgage it, you can be financed provided that you have fully paid the properties. However, the process is a long process, 2 weeks to longer, depending on the financial institution and the timing of the application.

7. I can enhance my knowledge on physical gold investment at ZERO cost

Public Gold support dealers in terms of knowledge. We have talks on

  1. Gold Investment

  2. Silver Investment

  3. Market Updates

  4. New Dealers Orientation (NDO)

All talks are FREE! Except for NDO, you have to pay RM10.00 for the certificate.

So far, all Property Investment Talks have to be paid at a 'handsome' price.

8. It is a safe investment

You can choose to keep your gold in Safe Deposits. Thus, there is no need to be
scared to invest in physical gold.

So, dear friends, I have listed my reasons for having physical gold. What are your reasons for NOT investing in physical gold? Have fun browsing my blog searching for more answers. You know what? We learn faster through asking the right questions to the right people. That's what I did, and I am glad I did it. Let me help you finding your answers.

BTW, I have an apartment to sell. Anyone would like to purchase it? Message/text me. I plan to convert it into gold.

If you are still keen on property investment, learn from the master, Azizi Ali, the Property Millionaire. Here is an interview with Azizi Ali by Star Property. I simply love to give extra knowledge to my consistent readers.

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Have fun reading!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The article is written by Milan Doshi, in Star Property.


During my seminars and personal financial consultations, I have come across many people who have different attitudes towards money. All of us have unique personalities − some characteristics are inborn and some are learnt along life’s journey. Likewise, when it comes to money and real estate investments, we too possess various money personalities. They are:

1. Spenders / Shoppers

These personalities derive great emotional satisfaction from spending money. They need instant gratification and can't resist spending money. Spenders often shop to entertain themselves, even if the items they buy go unused. A sale is simply an excuse to spend money on the pretext of getting a good deal on things that they do not need at the moment.

A well-to-do good friend of mine was shocked to discover, during his house moving, that his wife owned more than 100 pairs of shoes and over 30 handbags! Like most guys, he couldn’t see the need for his wife to own so many pairs of shoes and handbags. As money was not an issue, he didn’t mind his wife buying more new shoes or handbags, provided that she gave her old ones away. He was concerned that his new house was quickly running out of closet space to store the things his wife bought.

Unfortunately, besides being a shopper, his wife was also a hoarder. She didn’t have the heart to give away things that are still fairly new and seldom used. This led to frequent quarrels and my friend decided that the only way out was to build more closet space in his current house and to move to a bigger house a few years later to accommodate his wife’s impulsive shopping habit. It was a small price that he could afford to pay to keep his wife happy.

Advice for Spenders/ Shoppers: Shop a lot less, save a lot more

If you love to spend, it's very likely that you are going to continue doing it. when shopping, try to seek long term value, not just short -term satisfaction. Before purchasing, ask yourself how much that purchase is going to mean in a year. If the answer is "not much",then forgo the purchase. This way, you can limit your spending to things that you'll actually use. If possible, set a monthly budget and stick to it. In case you over-spend in a month, make sure that you have the discipline to cut back the following month.

Another suggestion is to cut up any extra credit cards you may have and lower the credit limit on the ones you use regularly. Give standing instructions to auto-debit your bank account on the due date with the full amount for all your credit cards. This way you will not be tempted to overspend.

2. Debtors

Debtors are similar to Spenders/Shoppers. The only difference is that they are spending money that they don’t have and are living beyond their means. They are deeply in debt and often, are not in a position to do much investing. Debtors will typically live rich but die poor!

A newly married young couple in their late twenties came to see me for a personal financial consultation. They were keen on investing in properties and stocks. Their combined gross income was RM15,000 per month but their net worth was less than RM100,000! They had RM20,000 in credit card debts, less than RM5,000 in savings and they both drive brand new Japanese cars worth around RM70,000 each. Their logic of purchasing new cars was that they didn’t want any problems associated with buying cheaper second-hand cars.

In my opinion, both fell into the Debtor personality. While they were earning well for their age bracket, they were mismanaging their money by accumulating credit card debts and over-spending. Since both were desk-bound employees, there was no need for them to make a good impression by driving new cars. In fact, they could ill-afford to drive new cars at this stage of their lives, given their current financial situation.

In order to clear up the credit card debts and begin their investment journey, I strongly suggested that they sell off their two cars which were around a year old and downgrade to a three year old Proton or Perodua car which costs around RM35,000 each. Straight away, they would be able to settle their credit cards debts and have sufficient start-up capital of around RM50,000 to begin investing.

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done. Towards the end of our consultation, the husband blurted out that they had just placed a deposit for a new car for himself worth RM85,000 to lock-in the low interest rates. Since both had the Debtor personality, I really had a tough time convincing them to change their spending habits. If one of them had a different money personality, perhaps I would have an easier time to get one spouse to convince and force the other to change his/her ways. Finally, all I could do was wish them good luck. Personally, there is no way they will go far in life unless they make drastic changes to their behaviour

Advice for Debtors: Start saving, investing & don't spend money that you don't have!

If you are already in debt, you first need to get your debts sorted out before you can begin investing. If you are not be able to do it alone, get some professional financial help like what the couple did when they saw me.

Also, analyse what caused you to get into trouble. If it was easy access to credit cards, then the solution would be to cut up all "temptations" cards and sticks to debit cards. If spending was something that you used to compensate for other areas in your life that you feel were lacking, think about what these might be and work on changing them. If your house and cars were purchased because of the need to look good, then you may even need to downgrade your lifestyles by moving to a smaller house, drive an older car, etc.

Next, focus your efforts on saving money diligently. Pay yourself first by setting aside a certain portion of your take-home income that automatically goes into a special bank account that is used for investments. The money in this account can never be spend - it is your golden goose. Later, when you retire, you can only spend the eggs that your golden goose laid i.e whatever interest, dividend or rental incomethat your investments generated.

3. Savers

Savers are the exact opposite of Spenders/Shoppers and Debtors. They only shop when absolutely necessary and never accumulate credit cards debts. They generally have no debts and are often viewed as cheapskates. Savers are not concerned about keeping up with the Joneses or following the latest trends. They are happy with their 20-year-old cars and derive great satisfaction from seeing the interest earned on their bank statements. Due to their conservative nature, they don't take big risks with their investments. They prefer fixed deposits instead of other riskier investments where there is a possibility of a loss.

Extreme Savers unfortunately will live poor but die rich! Most of our parents who had lived through the Second World War and experienced hard times, where they didn’t have the luxury of three meals a day, will fall into this money personality type. I met many people who live in old houses that were last renovated 20 years ago and drive well-maintained cars that are more than 15 years old. These people are the ones who have more than RM5 million in fixed deposits! At the current fixed deposit rate of 2.5% p.a., their interest income alone is over RM10,000 per month which is more than sufficient to fund their no-frills lifestyle.

Advice for Savers: Practice moderation & take a little more investment risk

If you are a Saver, you should not let all the fun parts of life pass by just to save a few cents. To achieve some sort of balance, it's advisable that you allocate a small sum of "Play Money" where you can nourish your inner child by living like a King/Queen for a few hours every month. Spending a bit of money on having fun isn't going to make you bankrupt. Once you have tasted the good life, would you want more? The answer is a definite 'Yes'. In fact, you would be motivated to challenge yourself to make more money so that you can have more of the good life.

Instead of taking little or no investment risk by leaving all your money in fixed deposits, you need to learn to take a little more risk by investing a portion of your capital into higher return investments such as REITs, properties, bond funds, etc. After all, the key to investing success is to minimise risks while maximising returns. Avoiding investments risks completely will not get you far in the long run.

4. The Avoiders / Money Monks

These people are not comfortable with the subject of money due to their lack of interest or they feel that that are other more important issues. Often, they will try their level best to avoid the subject completely. Money Monks are happy-go-lucky types who strongly belief that God will take care of them. At the extreme end, they may not even know whether they are rich or broke.

If you are married to an Avoider or a Money Monk, you will have to shoulder the responsibility of managing money and investing for your family. The big advantage is that you will have little or no arguments on any money matters with them.

Advice for Avoiders/Money Monks: Make sure that you do not marry your own kind. Alternatively, find a trusted professional financial planner.

It's a sad fact that people typically will not change even when they know they need to. Hence, it is extremely tough to suggest to Avoiders and Money Monk that they should have an interest in knowing how money works. If you are an Avoider or Money Monk, an easier alternative is to make sure you don't marry their own kinds or you should seek professional help when it comes to managing your money.

5. Investors

Investors are consciously aware of how money works. They know where they are financially today and try to put as much of their money to work. All investors tend to seek a day when their passive income from their investments will provide sufficient income to cover all their expenses. Their actions are driven by careful decision making, and they are comfortable with the need to take a certain amount of risk in pursuit of their goals

Advice for Investors: Keep it up!

Congratulations! Financially speaking, you are on the right path and doing great! Keep doing what you are doing, and continue to educate yourself.

It’s extremely important to know which money personality you fall into as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your unique money personality will help you shape your approach to spending, saving and investing. If you are married, it will also help you
understand your spouse better as most marriages get into trouble because of money issues.

For more information and the latest dates on Milan Doshi’s property preview or the full 3-day workshop, call 019-572 8898 / 017-966 6178 or visit

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I came across this article from KC Lau website and find the content very aspiring and can easily be implemented. Hopefully WaiYin came across this article of hers and can share her experience better.

KC Lau : This post is contributed by WaiYin, a reader whom I admire very much because she achieved financial freedom at age 38! Here, she shares how she did it.

I like to thank KCLau for the opportunity to write here so that I can share my experiences and journey to financial freedom at the age of 38. I find KC is a man that has his reader’s interest at heart wanting them to gain the knowledge and wisdom to financial independent. And to allow me do so, I am a person with no writing skill and neither do I know how to handle techno , KC has provided me guidance and support to get me started. I am thankful for this chance to allow me to share so that I can grow at the same time.

I thought over for the last 1 week or so for this first article that I am writing with regard to what I did to be where I am now and I felt my belief and attitude has helped and guided me most in my journey.

1) Dream: I have many dreams since I was little, dream to be my own boss, dream to have my property and finally dream to be able to retire with passive income in properties. I was running my own business at the age of 28, and retired 10 yrs later at age 38. I have my first property at the age of 24. Now at age 42, I have passive income from 3 properties. Man with no dreams shall perish, so start with today, think big and have a big dream being the first step to financial freedom. Those who think dreaming is a silly thing to do will miss out a lot . Dare to dream , dream big !

2)Learning : A mentor always said this to me ” When we stop our learning, we are die-ing”. There are so much for us to learn, financial literacy, EQ, etc etc. Make a a new learning day everyday, anytime, anywhere. If we are observant and rise our awareness, we can learn from anybody as long as we see strength in them. Look at their positive side of the person and we will be able to learn this strength from almost everyone and not just those who are smarter or have a better education than us. On top of that, I also read quite a fair bit, not on TV or fashion magazines but on self help materials . There are so much wisdom in there .

Value Time
3) Value Time : God is fair to give each and every one of us 24 hours a day, 168 hours per week, how to effectively use this time will determine how fast we can achieve in life. As we chose where to invest our money, we should even be careful where we invest our time. However this does not mean that we cannot watch TV and lay back and rest. Rest time is equally important too as we need to have a balanced well being so that we can achieve more in life

4)Integrity : I once told a friend, my biggest asset is my integrity. Money when we lose it, we can make it back but once our integrity is lost, it takes many years and much effort to gain it back. Our integrity build the impression of others to us, when we lost it, we lost everything. A person with integrity attracts a lot opportunities. I am very thankful to all my friends that have trusted me and given me a chance to work along with them all these years

Embrace Change and Challenges
5) Embrace change and challenges : I believe ALL successful people went through some form of challenges and changes in their journey to success, we cannot avoid this just like when we learn to walk when we are still a baby, we will fall first before we master the art of walking gracefully. It is only through the challenges that we grow to become stronger and stronger each day, so instead of avoid it, love it and embrace it .

Blessing and Appreciating
6) Blessing and appreciation : Stop complaining and start to count our blessings. No one like to mix with negative people or complain king/queen. Being negative and keep complaining stop the flow of good energy

Develop passion
7) Develop passion : No matter what job or work we accepted, develop the passion in it. When I first started my business, I started a laundry shop. Before that, I was a marketing manger in a MNC. It is such a great contrast to the work I handled before and after. As a manger, I wore jacket suits to office, attend meetings in air-con rooms and etc. But when I run my laundry shop, I am a general worker, rolled up my sleeves, wear t-shirts, shorts and do “dirty” work, sometimes it can be very hot too when I was at the factory sorting out clothes for ironing. But I am passionate with both my work and customers. I want to delivery my best to them and our customers can feel it too. One year later, I opened my 2nd outlet…

The above are some important attitudes and beliefs that helped me in my journey to achieve what I have today. I hope you will be able to benefit from my sharing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Golden rule of thumb for savings is 6 months of your salary, that is if you are working on salary-based.

Why 6 months? If you are getting laid off by your employer, you can survive at least for the next 6 months without any desperate moves. For a self-employed person, he or she should have more savings preferably between 9 months to 1 year.


  1. Set aside 10% of your pay cheque as savings. Not just your salary, but any other income you receive eg rental income, sales of shares, income from part-time jobs. If you can save more, you will be better off as your cushion is thicker.

  2. Always pay yourself first. Pay your bankers later.

  3. Spend below your means. Eg if your earn RM4000 a month, do not spend more than RM4000 a month. This includes your cash payment, your credit card payment.

  4. Cut down your spendings.

  5. Save where you cannnot reach for your money and cannot use them when you have an impulse buying need
I have written on Golden Goose sometimes very much earlier.

How many Golden Geese do you have?


  1. Always have a shopping list when you shop for your monthly or weekly grocery supply. Do not buy, what is not in your list. If you feel that item is important, put it in the list for the next visit to the local store. Chances are you will soon forget about the item and it is not required to be purchased after all.

  2. Be calculative on your spending. If you like to have coffee break, be mindful of where you are going for your cup of coffee. One place may cost you double or triple from another.

  3. When buying a big item eg a washing machine, survey a few shops before you finally purchase it. One shop may give you large discount while the other may add free gifts alongside.

  4. Always switch off your electrical appliances when they are unused. Buy energy saving bulbs or electrical appliance

  5. Do not use airconditioning

  6. Do not use water-heater


  1. Always increase your financial knowledge. Invest in yourself

  2. Find a high return avenues to get a better return on investments

  3. Change your habits to a cost-conscious one

  4. Increase your income. Create passive income avenues.

  5. Do not waste

  6. Be an informed investor

  7. Do not create debts on your credit card

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


After a good fall in the price around USD1365/oz, the gold price has started to pick up again starting yesterday. Price now is at USD1381/oz (source :

It is still a good buy for all.

If you have not bought any, you should consider buying the physical gold now. The prices will be updated every 20 mins and it does not wait for you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


The gold price was trending upwards before the year end until the 3rd January, 2011 reaching another high of USD1424.10/oz. However, for the last three days, it is showing a downward trend reaching USD1364.80/oz at this point of writing (06/01/2011 12.12 am)

Don't panic if you see the trend as follows :-

For investors, the low gold price is a blessing in disguise as you can buy more to add to your basket of investment. They are bought to be kept, remember. For dealers, you can add to your existing stock to be sell away. Who knows, you may have more customers buying at a higher price compared to a low one like this.

Investment in physical gold must be looked upon as medium to long term investment, not a 30 days investment as above. If you can hold for 5 years, it will give you a reasonably high return of investment compared to most instruments in the market.

Let's observe the chart below :-

What can you understand from the chart? tracks live prices of gold and many other metals such as silver, platinum and palladium.

From the past 5 years tracking of live prices, the highest price recorded was USD1423.70 whilst the lowest was at USD538.88/oz.

If you divide these two numbers, you can get Return of Investment of 264% for 5 years. In other words, your investment is more than double (2.64 times) in 5 years. You invest RM5000 in physical gold, the gold is valued at RM13,200 in the next 5 years.

If you divide 264% by 5 years, you will get an excellent return of 52.8% per annum on average. Ain't this good? I would say that it is excellent!!

Some might say that they cannot wait for 5 years. They want shorter time period. I will show you 1-year period from

Now, what can you see?
The gold price is also on the upward trend. If you buy gold bar 20g in August 2010, you cannot get the same price now. Average price for August 2010 is USD1215.81 (source : That price has left us. It is now selling at a much higher price. Even in today's lowest price, ie USD1368.00/oz)

Can you calculate the return? Highest gold price in the chart is USD1423.70/oz. Lowest USD1061.40/oz.
The return on investment is 34% for the past one year.

Think about it. You tell me if it is good or not.

If you are thinking to start investing, you can buy NOW! The price is cheap and you will never know when it will start leaving you.

Just think about it. I need some feedback from you who have not invested in physical gold. All I can say is I love the double digit return. Oooo yeah!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yes, the time is NOW!!!

The price drops and it is a good price to start purchasing gold bar & dinar.
The price is live updates, changes every 20 minutes. You can check the price first before asking me to lock. Do email me at or comment below for fast response. Otherwise, for fastest way to lock price is find my hp no at the Authorised Public Gold Dealers' Page.