Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Rich Dad" Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Silver and his Apartment Complexes i...

Points :
  1. Do not work for debt. Learn how to use the debt.
  2. Middle class people hoard cash because they are not financially educated. They work, save money, put the money in Wall Street.
  3. Robert's savings (IRA) are full of gold & silver. He does not invest in stocks/ bonds.
  4. He borrows money from banks. He does not save money in the banks.
  5. Don't wait until gold has pass USD2000/oz before you come in. (Currently, it lingers around USD1380/oz to USD 1420/oz. The highest gold price is USD1426/oz)
  6. He is into Small Cap IPO which he knows. But he does not recommend this to everyone.
  7. Recommend people to get financial education first
  8. Robert does not sell his gold/silver/real estate coz' he is an investor, not trader.
  9. Robert hold cash in gold & silver. If he has excess money, he changes it into gold & silver.
  10. Best ride is silver.
  11. Silver is very rare now, used in water purification, cellphones, computers, hi-tech, used a lot in industrial age. Silver is being consumed while gold is being hoarded. If we need silver, he wants to buy silver (physical).
  12. Middle class will be wipe out by tax & inflation. Either way, you get hit.
  13. Non-recourse financing

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