Monday, December 13, 2010


If you have not bought Personal Money for December 2010 Issue, do buy it. The ideas for 'What you can do if you have RM20k now?' are very good. Besides reducing your debts as what commonly being mentioned, Personal Money is also suggesting to buy more assets that will generate income.

The one that I especially like is 'GOLD INVESTMENT'. Turn to page 69 and you will see that Public Fine Gold International Sdn Bhd (ie Public Gold or PG in short) is one of the avenues to buy gold. By the way, I guess it really catches my eyes because I am one of the Authorised Dealers for Public Gold (A0882). It is indeed a good move for me to venture into this investment. I was searching to buy physical gold early this year. A few times attempted to buy Kijang Emas as well. Thanks to a cousin of mine, Wan Alimi, he asked me to seek Public Gold. I bought twice with other Dealers before I decided to be a Dealer.

I am now better informed on Gold Investment especially dealing with physical gold. The convenience of buying and selling as well as the transparent of the operation attracts me to invest. Do follow my updates in this blog or my facebook on 'Koleksi Emas dan Perak'.

I have written a note in Facebook on 'The Advantages of Purchasing Public Gold's Gold'. The notes is in Malay language though. Feel free to read them.

If you have any queries on physical Gold Investment, do email me at I will reply you as soon as I can.



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