Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Finally, after hours of training, hours of effort, hours of try and terror, hours of frustration, I managed to have my website uploaded. Phew!! At least, now I can show my love ones that my effort is not fruitless. Now, I can easily explain to them where I went some weekends.

My passion is Financial Planning. Upon my searches to find new information especially passive income, I stumbled into Internet Marketing. It is indeed a powerful tool as most people resort to computers to find things, look for information, buy new and old things, make money, networking, finding opportunities etc. Nowadays, if you do not start using computers and internet, you will definitely left behind or obsolete.

Even in working life, you need new information for the normal work process, new technology to fasten your work process, gadgets to simplify your life. For those who wants to find new opportunities, feel free to check out and see for yourself what's in it for you.

The best investment that you can have is Invest In yourself as you can never be obsolete if you always ReInvent yourself. Find a good mentor and copy their steps.

Have fun browsing.

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  1. tahniah dina,

    semoga membuahkan hasil yang diharapkan. teruskan usaha u.

    tentang passive investment, rasanya lebih sesuai untuk sesiapa yang mempunyai modal modal ie. duit, hartanah, dan bakat yang boleh dipasarkan. maknanya bukan semua boleh menjadi passive investor. itu pandangan i aja. mungkin u boleh bantu kembangkan lagi pemahaman tentang bidang ni.

    terima kasih.


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