Sunday, July 19, 2009


I went to T. Harv Eker’s Seminar recently and he talked about GOLDEN GOOSE.


Golden Goose as in the fairy-tale story laid golden eggs. The eggs can be collected and used to buy food, shelter and other necessary items. You must preserve (take care of) the golden goose as it is the source of income for you. You can spend the golden eggs but you cannot eat your goose.

Here, Golden goose is described as part of our income that is set aside to generate more income. The money in the Golden Goose should be set aside in a vehicle having capital preservation, not to be reduced at all cost. The income coming from it can be used for other investments to generate more income. Thus, you make your Money work hard for YOU!!

How to we increase our income (preferably passive income)?

In order to increase our income, we should actively look into all avenues. Ways to generate more income can be segregated into two main classifications ie Active and Passive Income. Active Income is income coming from a few ways to make money and the ways require our participations and involvements. Among the Active Income avenues are Forex Trading, Options Trading, Stock, Mutual Funds, IEFT and Commodities (eg Metal such as Physical Gold & Silver). Passive Income is income coming from avenues which require us working on it only at first. It does not need our presence all the time. Among the Passive Income available are Money Machines such as Book Writing, Land Banking, Internet Marketing, Trademark and Patents, as well as Physical Gold & Silver.

Now, start thinking about your very Own Golden Goose.

The invited speakers are the experts in their field. They are Keith Cunningham (Rich Dad for Robert Kiyosaki), Phil Town (Renowned author of a Best-selling Book ‘Rule #1)’, Aussie Rob (Millionaire in Stock Options), Sam Higgins (Expert in Tax Lien), Harry S Dent (Renowned Economist) and Jordan Goodman.

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