Thursday, May 10, 2012


It was 60-Days Low last night.
It reached more than  78.6% discount in the peak of USD1900.30/oz

Today, the price has moved up slightly, to USD1587/oz ( at the point of writing).

Between USD1580/oz to USD1600/oz is a good buy. Below USD1580 is a bonus to all investor.

Now, see this

Do you know the term  Head & Shoulder ?
Have you watch Mike Maloney video? It is here.

Did you see a shoulder and a head have already formed since August 2011?
There is prediction of another shoulder being formed soon.

What is neckline?
Neckline is the resistance line at the 'neck'. Based on the chart it is roughly around USD1800/oz.

What do you think will happen?

Should a shoulder is formed, the peak is estimated at the mirror image of the Shoulder, Head, Shoulder
ie USD2100/oz.

Watch Mike Maloney video

You next question should be HOW TO BUY GOLD / SILVER?


Investopedia on Head & Shoulder


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