Sunday, February 6, 2011


Good opportunity for those who wants but still hesitate. Gold price is on the low side now, below USD1350/oz. Investment amount to be a dealer is only RM20,000. Start Invest Now! If you like reading my simple blog, just let me be your Introducer in the Dealer's Form.

See the 60-days chart from below. The highest price was at USD1426/oz. The lowest was at USD1314.90/oz. Currently price lingers below USD1350/oz. It may be a rebound of the gold price after the current low. If you are investing for medium to long term, short term fall of the price should not worry you as the price in one years' time will definitely be higher than USD1426/oz.

Read my earlier post on Gold Price Drops!! Should you Panic? I also found this article by Richard Rusell, Financial Sense entitled Gold Bottoming? He said he reads McClellan Market Report for years and the report was mentioning that gold will be at the low cycle every 12.5 months. Jan6 2006, Jan8 2007, Jan7 2008, Jan5 2009, Jan4 2010 and the later predicts Feb 8, 2011, to be another low. Please note that he also include ... 'give and take a few weeks before & after that date.' So, why wait? The low cycle might have passed. It is time to move on and restrategize on your investment portfolio.

Start Invest Now!

The above chart is captured from the article Gold Bottoming? by Richard Rusell.

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  1. Price shoots up tonight. Wow! It is breaking the 50% support.


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