Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Talking to one potential dealer last weekend gives me an idea of how to utilise the promotion period given by Public Gold (PG). As I mentioned earlier, PG gives a chance to upgrade dealers straight into Priority Dealer by purchasing 2 pieces of 250g gold bars. See price of 250g gold bars at the right-hand side of this blog. This is indeed a fast short-cut way to become Priority Dealer. Priority Dealer will get 1.5% commission on sales.

Price as at 15th February, 2011 4:15pm is RM37,923. So, 2 pcs will require you to invest slightly less than RM76,000. Without this promotion, investor would have to have RM100,000 sales in one Sales Order to be Priority Dealer.

What can you do with the 2 pcs gold bar?

If you intend to earn profit from physical gold business, you can actually go to ArRahnu Agro Bank, and get 70% financing from its value (nilai marhum). You will get about RM53,000 from Agro Bank. With this money, do not spend it, buy gold from it for investment and trading purposes. This time, buy smaller pieces as it will be more convenient to sell to customers. You can get at least 10 pcs of 20g gold bar and 10 pcs of 1Dinar from the money. Promote gold bars & Dinars to your family and friends.

If you do not intend to sell any physical gold to others, you can keep them as your investment. See how the price increase in a year's time. It never fails to increase in price before and I do not foresee that there will be no capital gain. See Previous Return on Investment on physical gold.

What do you gain / own at the end of the month?

1. Commission 1.5% from your sales
2. Profit from your physical gold business
3. Your 2 pcs 250g gold bar at ArRahnu
4. Your physical gold bar & Dinar stock

That is indeed a very good start for physical gold business. Find your favourite dealers here.

For those with lesser financial capabilities, do not despair.
You can still be an Authorised Public Gold dealer with only RM20,000 investment.

Here is the promotion for being a dealer from now until August 2011.

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  1. Thank you dina..I did'nt know there was other Ar-rahnu bank beside Bank rakyat & the yayasan Ar-rahnu then..untilI I read your blog...saying that AGRO BANK does have this facilities...Thank you DINA for your info..

  2. Thanks Friend. Glad to be of help. Do browse other good info on the investment in the Index page


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