Thursday, October 14, 2010


Having attended many seminars and talks about money matters, I am always trying to find new investment avenues. One of them is Gold Investment. When I heard about it in 2008, I tried to seek for information on this. Not much information that I got except for either going for Passbook/Investment Account or physical gold. For physical gold, I was advised to buy from Maybank for Kijang Emas. I went a couple of times to ask the officers the info on Kijang Emas but I did not proceed on buying. Why? I will tell you why later.

Going through websites and limited resources, I found options of Maybank Passbook or Public Bank Gold Investment Account (PB GIA) as alternatives. I opted for PB GIA after some thought. So, my first investment in Gold started in 2008, 1st August, 2008 to be exact. Hmm, lucky number I suppose! I started off with a high number of RM97.92/g (high during that period of time) Do you know how much the gold price now? You can find the price here Public Bank Gold Prices Gold price as at 14th October, 2010 is 134.48% (use buy price when sell).

Should I not sell my investment then, I would be getting return of 37.3% for 27 months. That is around 16.6% per annum. To me, that is already a good investment for passive income seeker like me. Do you like the figures?

What does Rule 72 says? If you divide 72 with your rate of return, you will get the number of years you will double your money. If I divide 72 with 16.6%, I got 4.33 years or 4 years 4 months to double the money. Isn't it good? Invest once, and it doubles in 4 years 4 months' time.

Wait till you hear more about gold investment ~ the physical gold investment. While waiting for me to post the subject, you can always send me any queries on them at or PM me at .

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