Monday, May 30, 2011


I am looking at silver prices and even though everyone hesitates to buy due to high price of silver, I would still say I will go for it. I would buy silver whenever I have the extra money.

Currently price is at USD38.12/oz. Even though the last 2 weeks, the prices were favoured (between USD34/0z – USD36/oz), the price has already bounced. Looking at it positively, even at USD38.12/oz, it is still a discounted price from the peak at USD48.70/oz on 28th April, 2011. The current price is 78.3% cheaper than the highest price, a discount of 21.7%. You like buying on a discount, don't you? All of us do.

Why do I say that silver is still cheap?

Look at the projected silver prices…

  1. Stephen Leeb - Silver should be $150/oz today
  2. Jonathan Quek in NST - Silver could rise to $156!

If I buy silver now at USD38.12/oz and it rises to USD150/oz, WOW! That is almost 4 times my investment amount (3.93 times to be exact). Say that the targeted prices will only be reached in 10 years' time, that s 393% in 10 years or 39.3% per annum. That is better than most investment I know. What if it happens sooner than 10 years? What do you think? Do you like the idea?

Think about it ...

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Have fun investing!

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