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I would like to share a learning opportunity that I have just come across' Last June 2009, I got an email from Success Resources about Global Internet Seminar (GIS). It was a three-days event, Friday - Sunday. At first, I was reluctant to go as I planned my leaves a few days before that and another leave at month end. Besides, the cost of the Seminar is another factor for me to reconsider. Luckily I got a Samaritan friend, like Hadee Roslan, that provides me more info in his link. The link was mentioning about the promotional cost of the GIS ~ discounts !!.

Unfortunately, I was not taking ACTION until the next two days, that I commented on Hadee’s link that I may lose the opportunity to the discounted price for the GIS. Lucky for me too that he replied fast enough that when I browse through my notifications that night, his reply was that I might not be too late as the offer was still on. True enough, I signed up on the same night online and got a discounted price attending GIS, just before midnight. I too attached the link in my wallin Facebook but a friend told me that on the very next day, the discounted price was already gone. I am sorry for her but, I wanted to be convinced first before inviting.

Why I finally registered for GIS? There are a few reasons :-
1. I got the Seminar cheaper for the three days in Wisma MCA, KL. Unfortunately I only managed to attend for two days only. At a discounted rate, why not? It is better than nothing. The lessons I learnt were very valuable to me for a not-so-savvy-user-of-internet
2. I want to learn more about Internet Marketing as everyone is talking about Internet Marketing and it is one of the avenues that might be making me passive income. I love fattening my Golden Goose.

I attended that Saturday and Sunday and felt that it really benefits me. I stayed on until 8pm although the planned time was only until 6pm. Alien words like twitter, e-Bay and many others were mentioned. And I feel that the GIS is worth attending, even for a newcomer.

There are many invited speakers at the event speaking about their best passive income avenues. Among them are Stephen Pierce (World’s #1 Internet Wealth Advocate), Ewen Chia (World ‘s No1 Super Affiliate), Patrick Chan (Start Your Own Business Today), Ken Sapp (Twitter), Adam Ginsberg (the eBay Guy) and many others.

One of the speakers is Terence Tan. He was speaking about an online seminar and e-learning with renowned speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, T Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins etc. You can even get access to live seminars.

How much do you think a Live Seminar with Robert Kiyosaki cost? Do you know that Robert Kiyosaki was here in Malaysia on 22nd – 24th May, 2009 in his Seminar 'How The Rich Get Richer & How You Can Rich Too'. That Seminar was sold at RM 2,998.00.

Prior to all this, I sometimes browse through Robert’s website every now and then such as and see if there are any video or presentation materials that interest me. There are many but the costs for the courses are way too expensive for me.

Terence showed about the link to the online seminar and I find it fascinated. It has so many values as it provides a comprehensive suite of learning programs that were developed to make e-learning available any time, any place and in a way that would achieve the greatest benefit to you, the learner. I can learn and develop conveniently in my own home.

At this site you can find:
Access to live seminars and over 200 archived online seminars from some the world's greatest speakers and experts on a variety of topics. You have speakers like Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Girard, John Gray, and Diana Golden. They are conveniently organized into various categories (channels) to provide a balanced approach to your online learning needs.

• In the MASTER CHANNEL, you can learn from the world’s experts on a variety of topics.
• In the CORPORATE TRAINING CHANNEL you will learn the skills, mindsets and strategies to be more productive in your career.
• The PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CHANNEL will stretch you and provide insights to help you reach your full potential.
• The FAMILY CHANNEL expands training to meet not just your career needs, but also to the family relationships that are so important to you.
• The LIFESTYLE CHANNEL covers topics geared toward living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
• There are even special channels for speakers whose primary language is CHINESE or JAPANESE KIDS AND YOUTH provides entertaining educational games and activities for kids and youth

Give yourself some time to browse through the link and you may find the link interesting to you in some subjects. Why not try it today here? There are Free Seminars that are being uploaded too.

If you want to know more about the link, you can email me at with a title of "E-Learning Opportunity" to differenciate your email with others.

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